Top 8 Advantages of a Quality Antivirus Software

Oct. 22, 2020

Top 8 Advantages of a Quality Antivirus Software
Copley Sutton

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Top 8 Advantages of a Quality Antivirus Software

Many people still don’t have high-quality antivirus software protecting their home and business devices. If you don’t have antivirus software it will increase your risk of malware attacks and data breaches. Cyber threats are extremely detrimental to your business and personal devices.

There is antivirus software on the market that offer affordable rates to those who want to have comprehensive cybersecurity on all their internet compatible devices. Today, we’ll be giving you the top 8 advantages of integrating high-quality antivirus software on PCs, laptops and SmartPhones.

Keep reading to find out more about antivirus software and what it can do for you.

1. The Sole Purpose of an Antivirus is to Shield Devices from Malware

The first antivirus software was introduced in 1971 as the result of the first cyber virus called the Creeper. To combat this virus, developers created an antivirus called the Reaper. The sole purpose of antivirus software is to seek, detect and eliminate threats on a digital device.

Malware is software developed to cause damage to a server, computer or network. There are many types of malware such as:

  • Trojan
  • Worm
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Ransomware
  • Scareware
  • Rogue Software

Whether you have a business or a home with many computers, tablets and SmartPhones you can integrate antivirus software with your devices and network, in order to eliminate all types of malware.

2. Protect Your Devices from Malware from Removable Devices

Many people think that your device can only be infected with malware via the internet. However, you can transfer viruses from one device to another using removable hardware such as USBs, SD cards and hard drives.

When you plug in removable hardware into your device, your PC, SmartPhone or tablet can get infected immediately. Having high-quality antivirus software will help detect malware immediately and block it from transferring to your device. 

3. Antivirus Protects Important Files and Documents

One of the types of malware we mentioned was ransomware. This is a type of virus that will block you from accessing files on your PC until you pay a fee to unlock them. But since antivirus software is always scanning your PC it will detect and eradicate ransomware from your PC before it can access your files.

The antivirus software is always keeping watch over any files that are stored on your device, especially the ones you download such as images or PDF documents. These files are scanned for any potential threats and removed so that they don’t harm your device.

4. Blocks Spam and Phishing

Phishing is a type of email that gets sent to your inbox that may look like it comes from a legitimate company in an attempt to get your personal information such as:

  • Credit card numbers
  • Telephone number
  • Passwords
  • Banking details
  • Home address

Your antivirus software will flag these emails and block them from your device to protect you from fraudulent activities. A high-end antivirus platform will also block harmful spam from your computer so that it doesn’t cause your device to run slow.

5. Provides Extensive Web Protection

When you browse the web you become an instant target for hackers, spyware and phishing attacks. Some antivirus platforms provide a strong firewall that will shield your device whenever you browse online. There are antivirus platforms that allow you to enable and disable the firewall when you need to.

The firewall protection will check every file that you send or receive in case there’s malware hidden inside the data. If there is malware the firewall will block it from passing through with the files.  

6. Some Antivirus Software Provides Parental Control

Since we live in a digital world there are more children that need to use a digital device to do research for school or to simply stay entertained. If you have children then it’s important to protect them from predators on the internet.

Certain antivirus software provides parental control settings so you can get instant alerts when your children have accessed sites that aren’t safe for them. It’s a monitoring tool so you can keep your children safe from the dark side of the internet.

7. Regularly Scan Your Device

While you’re working on your device your antivirus is working extra hard in the background. All files, apps, incoming information and outgoing data will be scanned regularly to ensure your device is always protected against malware. With some antivirus software, you can schedule these scans or have them run automatically.

8. Alerts When There’s a Breach

If there is a breach on your digital device your antivirus will inform you of it immediately. Typically the software will capture the virus and then it will provide a list of options on how you’d like to proceed. Some antivirus software allows you to delete malicious ware manually or it will do it for you.

This helps you take action promptly, to minimize loss of data or damage to your network.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the advantages of high-quality antivirus software you should pick the right one for your home and business. There are many antivirus platforms out there that are feature-rich and will protect more than one device from potential threats. So which antivirus software will you pick?   


  • VPN for private, 24/7 Customer Support
  • Real-time antivirus protection
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Panda’s antivirus provides top notch protection when searching the internet, downloading files, or doing just about anything else. Panda’s security performs remarkably well in lab-tests, and consistently outperforms its competition. The powerful software does, however, run constantly in the background. Some users have noted that this may have a negative impact on the performance of your computer.

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Top 8 Advantages of a Quality Antivirus Software
  • Highly Affordable
  • Real Time Protection
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS compatible
  • Performance Optimization Tools

Total AV monitors in real-time, checking all downloads, links, and executables as you access them. The protection offered is nothing short of great, if only for the fact that it doesn’t slow down your system. Total AV is, however, a relatively young company, and their reliability has yet to be proven in independent lab-tests. Despite this, their software is trusted by millions of users, and is generally very well reviewed. Let’s look at some of their security features.

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Top 8 Advantages of a Quality Antivirus Software
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Compatible
  • Removes Spyware, Malware and Adware
  • 100% Guarantee Virus Removal or Money-Back
  • VPN Internet Security & Web Protection

If elite level security is your main concern, Norton may be the perfect choice for you. The software has scores top ratings in lab tests and offers a 100 % virus free guarantee. Let’s look at some of their security features.

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Top 8 Advantages of a Quality Antivirus Software
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Compatible
  • 100% perfect detection rate
  • Real-time protection, 24/7 Customer Support
  • On-demand malware scan

According to cybersecurity statistics, over 2200 computers are hacked per day. This equates to over 800,000 people being hacked every year. The only way to protect your computer from cyber-attacks is by using a secure antivirus. The most talked-about antivirus software for 2022 is Kaspersky.

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Top 8 Advantages of a Quality Antivirus Software