Even your Mac needs Antivirus Software!

People often believe that Macs are immune to malware, hackers and viruses but it’s not true. Even Macs are vulnerable to these problems. Getting and installing the proper antivirus protection is necessary to keep data safe on an computer.

Last updated: September 2020

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Why Macs Need Antivirus Protection?

There’s a common misconception floating around the world today that Macs don’t need virus protection. Like most problematic urban legends, this one is rooted in some historical truth. Back in the dark ages, when computers were a brand new technology, Microsoft dominated the entire world. Because of the Microsoft monopoly, if you owned a Mac you were largely safe from cyber criminals. At that time, hackers focused largely on developing malware that would attack the vulnerabilities specific to Microsoft operating systems and ignore the Mac systems because they were so few and far between.

Today, this is no longer true. Ever since Apple and Mac products started growing exponentially in popularity, Mac devices like tablets, iphones and Mac computers are a huge target for malware and other viruses. Apple prides itself on its internal security but although they do their best to prevent attacks and their operating systems are considered harder to infiltrate than Windows, it’s far from impossible. Which means that anyone using Mac computers or other devices needs a good antivirus protection — perhaps now more than ever due to their immense popularity.

Stay Protected: What Do You Need?

Today’s market is literally flooded with antivirus packages and internet security suites that can protect your Mac OSX device or your MacBook computer from malware, hackers and viruses. The best and most effective systems are comprehensive and it’s best to invest in the highest level of protection in order to avoid having sensitive data compromised. Identity theft is a nightmare for millions of computer users every year, so make sure you choose the right virus protection. Look for antivirus protection systems that work in the background simultaneously with the ability to scan both real-time and manually. These scans are designed to prevent attacks from worms, malware and Trojan horses.  It’s best to choose a system that offers security and privacy features like two-way firewalls, parental controls (if you have kids), and protection for social media platforms, where computers and phones are often most vulnerable to nefarious attacks.

The Options and Why You Should Pay:

Similar to the Windows-centric options for antivirus protection, those offered specifically for Mac vary greatly in price and quality. There are always the free options, but there are very few of these that are actually decent and provide enough security. We recommend going with the paid options and sometimes splurging on the premium services, typically available for purchase for the entire year through annual subscriptions. These are usually easier to use, come with a higher level of help (live chat 24/7 etc) and provide a much greater range of options for your security. Often these options can be directly downloaded to your computer. The paid options are usually running faster and have less interference problems with your current operating systems. In addition, compared to the ‘free’ options that sometimes use hidden tricks to get you paying without even realizing it, the paid options are usually straightforward and tend to work better. Sometimes you do indeed get what you pay for.

Protect Yourself Now! Don’t Risk Exposure!

While it may have once been relatively safe to use a Mac without antivirus protection, that’s no longer true today. Malware and viruses are quickly spreading to Macs because of their huge success and market share. If you’re doing online shopping, streaming video, banking online and checking email, especially using a public Wifi connection, you’re in danger of cyber attacks. And sometimes these criminals are so smart that it’s very hard to identify the new viruses and threats without the proper protection. Experts recommend running scans at least once a week, especially if you tend to be online and surfing the web frequently. For the most thorough protection, keep the program’s shield protection running in the background at all times. The top-rated antivirus protections for Mac can do this without making your computer extremely slow or prone to getting stuck. Some of the best protections even offer tools that will enhance your computer’s performance and keep things running in optimal conditions. If you want to protect more than just Windows and you have other devices to protect, many of the top-rated antivirus software also comes with the capability to protect multiple devices so the whole family is secure. In today’s world of sophisticated and constantly evolving cyber crime, finding the right antivirus protection and installing it is essential. Just like you wouldn’t leave your door unlocked at home, your computer and phones need locks in order to keep you safe. In the end, it’s much easier to prevent an attack than to clean up the damage once you’ve already been targeted.