Intego is a renowned Mac security company that was founded in the late 90s. Founded by Laurent Marteau, Intego’s first antivirus program was released in 1997. Dubbed ‘Rival,’ it quickly became one of the go-to antivirus solutions for Mac OS 8. With over two decades of experience in security software, Intego has found its place in a large percentage of Mac OS systems.

Intego is responsible for making some of the most popular internet security software for MacOS and Mac OS X, which includes data protection, antivirus, anti-spam, firewall, and backup software. With offices all over the world, including the US, France, and Japan, Intego’s products are meant for the global audience.

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VirusBarrier X9: The latest version of Intego comes with its patented VirusBarrier X9 protection. The proprietary malware and virus detection tool has been in production for over a decade. It is capable of “continuous file monitoring,” which allows files to be scanned as soon as they are created on your system.

Quarantine: Unlike some other popular antivirus solutions, Intego does not automatically delete any malware or spyware. Instead, malicious files are moved to a quarantine zone, and users are notified to take action. It prevents any unwanted system slowdowns and crashes that may be caused due to the flagged files being moved around.

Automatic Virus Definition Updates: Digital threats are on the rise, and even though Mac OS is considered to be much safer than Windows, Intego makes it a point to update virus definitions for its software actively. You do not need to setup automatic updates manually, and the software handles all updates on your behalf in the background without eating up too many system resources or your bandwidth.

100% Malware Detection: One of the biggest advantages of owning a Mac OS system is the security features that are available by default. Intego’s expertise at Mac OS security has proven that their software is capable of detecting 100% of all known Mac OS malware. With certifications and awards backing Intego’s claims, there is little reason to be concerned about your digital security.

Windows and Linux Threat Detection: A unique feature that Intego has built-in is the ability to scan for Windows and Linux malware. A number of Mac OS users may need to download files for the other two major operating systems for work or personal reasons. While Windows and Linux threats are inconsequential to Mac OS systems, it prevents the risk of other computers being infected when transferring files.


  • Mac OS X 10.8 – macOS 10.14


Intego offers both pre-designed security packages as well as custom solutions for home and enterprise users. All of the packages come with the proprietary VirusBarrier X9 for virus and malware protection along with other features.

Mac Premium Bundle X9

The Mac Premium Bundle X9 by Intego offers virus, phishing, and spyware protection. You also get a personal firewall to keep you protected on your MacOS system as well as your iOS devices. With custom parental controls and backup software included, the Premium Bundle X9 is an all-in-one solution meant for the average home consumer. You do not need to invest in any additional software or add-ons as this is the complete package.

  • Real-time Antivirus
  • Personal Backup 10.9
  • Content Barrier X9
  • NetBarrier X9
  • VirusBarrier X9
  • Starts at $59.99

Mac Internet Security X9

Mac Internet Security X9 is specifically designed for users who want to secure their web activity. The software is capable of not only identifying and quarantining malware relevant to Mac users but also Windows ones. Anti-phishing protocols are built in to protect any kind of sensitive information that you put in on websites and web apps. All unknown apps and devices are scanned for malware automatically with no manual setup needed. The best thing about the internet security suite is that it is ideal for users who lack technical knowledge. The setup process is barebones, and you can have the internet security suite up and running in just a few clicks.

  • VirusBarrier X9
  • NetBarrier X9
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Anti-Phishing Protocols
  • Starts at $19.90

Content Barrier Secure X9

Content Barrier Secure X9

If you have children at home and want to protect them from dangerous content that is present on the dark side of the internet, Intego’s Content Barrier Secure X9 is an outstanding solution. The software automatically monitors all ongoing communications between your child and others on the internet. Objectionable content is automatically blocked, and any kind of predatory messages sent to your child automatically alerts you. The settings are fully customizable for each family member that uses the Mac with Content Barrier Secure installed on.

  • Anti-Predator Chat
  • Internet Usage Limiter
  • Custom Family Settings
  • Content Filter
  • Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, and Anti-Phishing
  • Starts at $79.99
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No Browser Extension: Intego does not have its own browser extension and safe browsing features built into Safari. However, the lack of a browser extension is not concerning at all considering the number of online safety features that are built into the software. Intego also scans all incoming emails to ensure you are protected at all times from online threats.

Windows Malware Handling: While MacOS malware is easily detected and kept in check by the app, some sophisticated Windows malware may sneak into your computer. With Windows being the primary target for malware creators, it is difficult for Intego to keep up with all known malware from the OS. However, Windows malware does not affect Mac OS users, and you do not have to worry about your system being infected.


Intego is one of the most reliable solutions for Mac OS. All of the flagship products, including internet security and child protection suites, are very effective at dealing with online threats. Overall, they are worth it for any Mac user looking for an antivirus program. The Mac Internet Security X9 offers the best value for money as it includes all of the important features you would need to keep yourself and your family safe from online threats.