Cylance is a company that a lot of people have probably never heard of. Founded in 2012, Cylance has dedicated the majority of its time to protecting large businesses and enterprises, including Panasonic, GameStop, Allied Barton and the University of West Florida, to name just a few. Cylance protects these enterprises using its own innovative AI technology, branded as the “next generation of antivirus”. What is it that distinguishes this technology from traditional antivirus?
Almost all antivirus software on the market today employs the “blacklisting” method. This method waits until new viruses are discovered and reported, and then, via constant updating, downloads those files into the antivirus software. Consequently, whenever your system comes into contact with any of these blacklisted files, the antivirus recognizes and removes them. Most products have begun using algorithms and machine-learning in some degree to help recognize any new or unknown viruses before your system has the chance to play the part of guinea pig. While this is definitely an improvement, many products still rely heavily on the blacklisting method. Cylance is not one of these companies.
Cylance doesn’t use the traditional method whatsoever. It instead relies solely on its innovative AI technologies to protect you against threats known and unknown.
This unique system means that Cylance doesn’t need to constantly update its software and doesn’t need to download large files onto your system, saving you valuable memory and allowing your device to maintain optimal performance levels.
As mentioned above, Cylance has previously reserved their innovative technology for the use of large businesses and government agencies. However, with the launch of Cylance Smart Antivirus, these services are now available for home users. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features this antivirus provides.

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✓ Windows 7
✓ Windows 8 and 8.1
✓ Windows 10
✓ OS X Mavericks
✓ OS X Yosemite
✓ OS X El Capitan
✓ macOS Sierra
✓ macOS High Sierra

Cylance supports all the latest versions of Windows and MacOs. They do not, however, currently support Android or iOS, meaning mobile users will need to look elsewhere. Cylance also requires your system to have at least 2GB of memory and 500MB of free disk space available.


Cylance offers truly unique protection. As opposed to traditional antiviruses which focus on removing threats, Cylance’s AI-driven system identifies and prevents viruses before they ever enter your system, making it—in theory–undoubtedly superior to traditional methods. But what about in practice?
Cylance Smart Antivirus is a relatively new product, and the lack of reviews could concern some potential users. Despite being a mostly unrecognizable name in the consumer-level market, Cylance’s Endpoint software has gone through rigorous independent lab-testing, the results of which have been quite impressive. In perhaps the most notable of these tests, SE Labs challenged the Cylance AI system by testing a 3-year-old version of the software, not allowing for any updates. They then introduced several high-threat viruses to the out of date software. Just as Cylance promises, the AI was still able to detect these “future” viruses and prevent them from damaging the system, an impressive feat that software using the blacklist method would have been incapable of. It must be reiterated that the software on display in that test is the Endpoint software which is used for enterprises and government agencies, and not the Cylance Smart Antivirus available for home-protection. However, these tests are still a great testament to Cylance’s ability to provide elite protection using its innovative technology.


This “next gen” antivirus used to protect million-dollar enterprises must be expensive, right? Think again. The most impressive aspect of the Cylance Smart Antivirus is its price. They offer three different subscription options, all of which feature clear prices that won’t increase after your first year. They also offer a discount if you choose to purchase a two-year license.


✓ Protect 1 device.
✓ $29/year
✓ $49/2 year


✓ Protect up to 5 devices
✓ $69/year
✓ $109/2 year


✓ Protect up to 10 devices
✓ $99/year
✓ $149/2 year


For a prestigious company boasting world-class, highly innovative software, Cylance’s prices are quite affordable. The overall value of the product will depend largely upon your needs and preferences. If you’re looking for an antivirus with loads of extra features and customization ability, Cylance’s minimalistic product will be quite underwhelming. If, however, you prefer a simpler package that still offers great protection, then Cylance might be the perfect choice for you.


•Prevents Viruses Malware and Trojans
•Innovative Math-Based Approach to Protection Eliminates Viruses Before They Enter Your Device
•Lightweight Software Has Little to No Effect on the Performance of Your System
•Simple, Easy-to-Use Interface
•30-Day Money Back Guarantee
•Free Customer Support, Regardless of Package
•Clear, Upfront Pricing Options
•One of the Most Affordable Antiviruses on the Market

Technical Support

There are several ways to get in touch with Cylance. You can contact them via email, phone or online Live-Chat. With Cylance, you can expect fast, high quality customer support. Compared with the more mainstream companies, like Norton and McAfee, Cylance deals with a much smaller pool of clients, meaning that their support resources aren’t spread too thin.

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•Lack of Features: Cylance offers very powerful protection, but not a lot of customization or extra features. No parental control, scan options, system-boosts, or VPN can leave some users feeling underwhelmed.

•Does not Identify Phishing Websites: Cylance relies on its AI to block any and all Malware from such sites. It does nothing, however, to prevent you from accessing these fake webpages, or entering in private information. A failure from Cylance’s AI system could result in significant damage to you and your system. That, while highly unlikely, still manages to unnerve some users.

•Lack of Testing for Consumer-Version of Product: Although Cylance’s product designed for Endpoint protection is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world, their newer product aimed at consumers, has yet to go through significant lab-testing.


Cylance is an exciting new company at the forefront of the AI revolution. They offer excellent, unique protection, capable of detecting and stopping malware that traditional antiviruses could miss. Despite limited testing, it’s safe to say that the Cylance Smart Antivirus provides solid protection with extraordinary potential.
The lack of features could be a turn-off for some. While most of the extras that Cylance lacks can be found elsewhere for free, some users might still prefer a more extensive set of capabilities. This minimalistic approach, however, may be a contributing factor to Cylance’s extreme affordability. This product is perfect for anybody looking for an innovative and powerful antivirus at a great price.