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How to Choose The Best Antivirus for PC

Aug. 26, 2021

How to Choose The Best Antivirus for PC
Copley Sutton

After years in marketing and then completing a course in copywriting, Copley has been a copywriter for the past 6 years.

How to Choose The Best Antivirus for PC

Antivirus software is designed to protect your PC from viruses such as malware, ransomware and even junkware. Additionally, antivirus software prevents phishing so you don’t accidentally allow harmful viruses onto your device.

But how do you choose the best antivirus software for your PC? In this short guide, we’ll be explaining the features you need to consider when choosing a high-quality antivirus platform to protect your device from cyber-attacks.

1. An Antivirus Software for your Operating System

The antivirus software must be programmed for the operating system you’re using such as Windows 10, 7, Vista or XP. There are also some antivirus softwarespecifically designed for Linux or Mac. Some of the best antivirus for PC includes:

  • Norton
  • Panda
  • Avast
  • AVG
  • BitDefender

2. Finding Real Threats

The top antivirus for Windows 10 or other operating systems should find real threats without deleting your clean files. You don’t want to lose important information on your PC. Antivirus software is designed to remove threats without deleting documents or system files.

3. Tailored to Your Needs

Antivirus for PC should be tailored to the type of computing you perform regularly. If you’re an IT specialist you’ll need a high-performance antivirus to monitor corporate PCs such as McAfee. If you need cyber protection on your personal PC you’ll need software such as Avast or Norton.

4. Excellent User Experience

The best antivirus software will have a positive user experience. This means it will have an intuitive interface that’s easy to operate.

5. Automatic Updates

The antivirus software you choose should have automatic updates to keep your PC safe from new viruses.

6. Excellent Customer Support

You should choose an antivirus for PC that has excellent customer support. The best antivirus for PC will offer 24/7 support in case you need assistance with the platform.

7. Spam Filtering and Firewalls

Some of the best antivirus software for PC will have firewalls and spam filtering to prevent your PC from getting hacked. The firewalls will also protect your PC from viruses coming from the internet.

8. Military Grade Encryptions and Cloud Computing

Choose an antivirus platform that has cloud computing so you can access data on your mobile device. The best virus protection should also have military-grade encryptions to prevent hackers from infiltrating your device.

9. Cleaning Up Your PC

To boost the performance of your PC choose an antivirus that provides cleanup and optimization. Some of the best antivirus 2021 has to offer will remove junkware from your PC to keep It running smoothly.

10. Online Data Leaks

Data leaks occur through online browsing or email. The best antivirus for laptops or PC monitors online data leaks to protect you against cyber threats on the internet.

Final Thoughts

The best antivirus for pc will have everything from firewalls, spam filtering and detection capabilities to keep your device clean from viruses. But make sure you choose an antivirus that is specifically designed for your operating system. Thereare free antivirus platforms on the market but it’s best to buy antivirus software so you can get full protection for your PC. Use this guide to help you find the bestantivirus 2021 has to offer.

  • VPN for private, 24/7 Customer Support
  • Real-time antivirus protection
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Compatible
  • Exceptional Virus Protection , Malware and Adware

Panda’s antivirus provides top notch protection when searching the internet, downloading files, or doing just about anything else. Panda’s security performs remarkably well in lab-tests, and consistently outperforms its competition. The powerful software does, however, run constantly in the background. Some users have noted that this may have a negative impact on the performance of your computer.

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How to Choose The Best Antivirus for PC
  • Highly Affordable
  • Real Time Protection
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS compatible
  • Performance Optimization Tools

Total AV monitors in real-time, checking all downloads, links, and executables as you access them. The protection offered is nothing short of great, if only for the fact that it doesn’t slow down your system. Total AV is, however, a relatively young company, and their reliability has yet to be proven in independent lab-tests. Despite this, their software is trusted by millions of users, and is generally very well reviewed. Let’s look at some of their security features.

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How to Choose The Best Antivirus for PC
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iOS Compatible
  • Removes Spyware, Malware and Adware
  • 100% Guarantee Virus Removal or Money-Back
  • VPN Internet Security & Web Protection

If elite level security is your main concern, Norton may be the perfect choice for you. The software has scores top ratings in lab tests and offers a 100 % virus free guarantee. Let’s look at some of their security features.

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How to Choose The Best Antivirus for PC
  • Compatible with All Major Operating Systems
  • 100% Virus Removal Guarantee
  • 30-Day Money-Back Policy

McAfee Antivirus is also known to be one of the simplest antivirus solutions to use, making it ideal even for users who are not extremely adept at using computers. All features are enabled and pre-configured for users to simplify usage for beginners. The software comes with parental controls, firewall protection, scheduled scans and more to help users keep their systems secure. McAfee has been at the helm of online security globally and the security software company shows no signs of slowing down with its latest software.

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How to Choose The Best Antivirus for PC